THEN: A former hobby rummaging through less-than-academic design archives led to digitizing favorite odd “The” lettering and sharing vector art files online under Creative Commons license as The “The” Project. Twitter wasn’t so toxic back then. Fun was had. Years passed.


NOW: In 2020, all 126 EPS files have been cobbled into a single charitable font and The “The” Project is available to download, for cheap ($5). All proceeds go to a range of worthy nonprofits, half benefitting local Washington, D.C., organizations.

An accompanying PDF book collecting them all is filled with blurbs of varying length and questionable grammar. You can see it all on Issuu here

Also, there’s a batch of toned SVG files for some of the trickier “The”s like this little horrorshow: 

See more, or give $5.00 to get a font, some SVGs, and a (PDF) book:
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