AN ANECDOTE: Architect David Benjamin’s portrait was an early assignment. He graciously put up with my “benevolent mad scientist” photo direction. Poor form—his good-weird work deserved better. In 2018, Benjamin’s research into algorithmic design was our cover feature on “Reprogramming Practice.” Disruption, technology, new business models, whatnot. Second-chance improvements: simple portrait, expression his own, honest lighting. Kismet of a good photographer pairing his stripy sweater with his stripy building. Add two flavors of monospace fonts for science’s sake and headline lettering based on his work. Benjamin was first of 10 profiles, without budget or time for matching portrait shoots. No willpower to run inconsistent pick-up headshots. On-theme generative plotter portraits were cheap enough to guiltily cross the illustration picket line. We embraced bots—reprogrammed our practice. Disparate parts were uniformed-up with bonus 3D-printed headlines.